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About Joy Prom

JOY PROM Las Vegas is a full-scale, prom for teenagers and adult individuals with cognitive and physical impairments, where every guest is celebrated and accepted. The invited guests are hosted complimentary. The experience recognizes the individual guest first and then their disability, while providing a positive environment free of judgment or negativity.

Guests enjoy this experience along with their peers in a protected, safe, controlled, and comfortable environment. The JOY PROM Las Vegas experience empowers guests to be confident, fosters inclusion, builds self-esteem and inspires friendships.

Joy Prom Las Vegas ProgramThis event is facilitated by passionate and dedicated Board and Committee Members from across the community who are motivated to create an event executed with integrity and excellence. Some of the supporters and volunteers of JOY PROM Las Vegas are parents of young children who have a disability. A particular parent said she would participate in this event every year until her current toddler daughter was old enough to attend herself. The Board and Committee desire to ensure the legacy of JOY PROM Las Vegas in an effort to fulfill these types of dreams.

JOY PROM Las Vegas creates an exclusive opportunity to promote the common good in society by uniting community and celebrating uniqueness. The universal thread tying everyone together is the fact that we are all more alike than different. This event promotes the joy in selfless giving, breaks through any previous stereo types or anxiety volunteers may have, and shifts negative paradigms that have possibly been formed. Previous to the event, JOY PROM Las Vegas provides an overview of the evening with a targeted training session for all the volunteers to present the flow of the evening, discuss the responsibilities as a volunteer, and most importantly teach social awareness and promote compassionate sensitivity by recognizing the value in uniqueness.

uniting community celebrating uniqueness
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